MIR MyIncidentReport button

MIR-User Tips

--The purple “My Incident Report™” is the primary Button to start & complete an incident report.

--A Network Connection is needed to START & later to SEND a Completed MIR Report PDF attachment in an EMAIL

--A Headphone with a microphone is useful but not required.

--When you have a required field you can also enter “none” & also use your own phone number & email.

--The My Incident Report workflow can capture & upload videos, photos, documents and audio texts. Video compression is automatic & enables smaller video files.

--Use your Drivers license or Employee ID or Badge ID to upload for the “Signed or Authorized”

-- When completed the MIR is SENT to selected email(s) with a PDF attachment. Included URL weblinks to videos, photos, documents and audio texts allow selected users to view, share & download data.  This results in no direct email attachments that could cause email limitations. Also, the data links are integrated within the actual specific Incident Report.

--These URL links offer no personalized identifying naming and restricts search engines or "bots" from havesting personal information directly.
-- You can rename the URL link to save locally & share with others but it will invalidate the Original MIR Server URL link.

--Once the completed MIR has been SENT to you it will have a PDF Attachment including links to Videos, Photos, Audio, Documents & Witness Audio.

--You will need a PDF Reader & many good free ones are available.

--You can still edit the MIR PDF attachment before sending the MIR to others but  a PDF Editor is needed.

--When Sending a Completed MIR please make sure that the received email with a MIR PDF attachment has not been delivered to a Spam or Junk folder.

-- If you do not receive an email with a MIR pdf please check your Spam or Junk email. This is temporary issue until you change the emails to a non Spam & Junk status.